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Specializing in commercial voice & data cabling; warehouses, small to large offices, cubicles, and other work spaces. Mention this coupon and receive 5% off. Maximum $500 savings.
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Chicago Data Cabling services Glendale Heights and surrounding western Chicago suburbs with all warehouse, commercial and residential wiring for low voltage, voice, data, video. We have over 20 years of network wiring experience in Glendale Heights and offer affordable rates and Free Estimates. Call 630.474.1011 for a free estimate today!
Voice & Data Wiring
CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 / RG6/58 (any copper) / LV (Low Voltage) / Coax / Fiber Optics / Backbone wiring / DEMARC wiring
Glendale Heights Network Infrastructure Services
Network cabling, clean up & labeling / Structured Network Cabling / Complete and Partial Office / Warehouse Build-outs / Data Center Build-outs / Wire Management
VOIP Phone Installations & Wiring in Glendale Heights
Voice over IP (VOIP) phone hookup and installation for 1-1000 users (Nextiva, Vonage, Vertical systems)
Low Voltage Data Cabling Services in Glendale Heights
Network cabling carries the lifeblood of your organization – information. To minimize expensive data network problems, we label, test and tone every wire.
Coax Cabling Services in Glendale Heights
A critical piece of the infrastructure puzzle for our customers. Coax (RG6) has been the medium of choice for high fidelity audio, television, satellite and broadband communications.
Video Cabling Services in Glendale Heights
Video cabling can be closely associated with coaxial cable, because most video applications require coax, but we also install twisted pair cable for certain video applications.
Server Room Installation in Glendale Heights and surrounding
Because the server room is the centralized brain of your structured cabling system, we take special care to design and install it according to the highest standards. We can help build your server room and we can perform a total revamp & cleanup.

Glendale Heights was a small farming community known as Cloverdale up until the 1950s, with a population of just 104 in 1959. Midland Enterprises ran by Charles and Harold Reskin started building houses in Glendale Heights in 1958. The Reskins bought two farms on Glen Ellyn Road north of North Avenue. Houses were first built on Glen Ellyn Road and Larry Lane near Fullerton Avenue. On June 16, 1959, a petition was filed and on July 13, the village became incorporated. The first election was held later on that summer on August 2. The town was originally named Glendale as it was between Glen Ellyn and Bloomingdale, but after a conflict arose with the small town of Glendale in Southern Illinois, the city decided in March 1960 to add the term Heights, in reference to its different topographies, in some places rising 1000's of feet above sea level, thus becoming Glendale "Heights".
Quality Brands & Products
We use only the highest quality networking & wiring products, including:
Signamax Cabling Infrastructure Middle Atlantic Hikvision Leviton Remee Wire & Cable
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